Contact our Admissions office at 800-537-2625 about attending classes at our school

Class Start Dates

Cosmetology Program

January 16th Flex Schedule Option
April 3rd
June 19th Flex Schedule Option
September 11th
November 27th

January 22nd Flex Schedule Option
April 9th
June 18th Flex Schedule Option
September 10th
November 12th

Esthetics Program

January 10th Flex Schedule Option
July 10th

January 9th Flex Schedule Option
July 9th

Do What You Love

Do What You Love

As Admissions Director at Stewart School, I am committed to helping those who want a career in the beauty industry achieve their goal. Stewart School has been training students for 60 years and our success can be measured by the hundreds of graduates thriving in the beauty business, not only here in South Dakota but throughout the country. Within the structure of our training program, we work hard at promoting a friendly, family atmosphere. Many of our students develop lifelong friendships! If you are interested in the beauty industry, I would love to meet you, show you around our school, introduce you to our team and answer any questions you have. I am excited to help you do what you love!