Matthew Fiegen


My father, Charles, has operated cosmetology schools since before my birth, so I have grown up in and around this great industry. After graduating from University of Iowa in 1990, I worked for my father, now operating four Iowa schools (Capri Colleges). In 1997, I purchased Stewart School, where my father attended and instructed in the early 60s. I have a lovely wife of 20 years and two great kids.

Angi Marso

Guest Management Director / Senior Instructor

Graduated from Stewart School in 1997.

Previous Experience- Was employed at Hair Force for several years. While working at Hair Force, she was the Admissions Director and Nail Technology educator for Stewarts School. She is very experienced in artificial nails. Angi is certified in Microdermabrasion, and Shellac. She is a Nuts and Bolts Team Leader. After gaining fourteen years in the cosmetology field Angi wouldn’t change a thing. She loves seeing the future professionals grow every day to be the best that they can be. It gives Angi a sense of accomplishment to know that she can share and teach them everything that she loves.

Caitlin Hoogland

Academic Director and Senior Instructor

Stewart School Graduate of 2006

Previous Experience- Worked in full service salons for three years. Caitlin has been a Senior Instructor at Stewart School since October of 2008. She strongly believes in our school motto “Do What You Love.” Besides her role as a Senior Instructor, Caitlin is our Sassoon ABC Cutting Educator. She teaches haircutting in the basics classroom, as well as advanced techniques in advanced class. She is also certified in the electric nail drill, airbrush makeup, and airbrush spray tanning. She has gone to hair shows since graduating from Stewart School in 2008 for continuing education.

Katie Van Ballegooyen

Asst. School Director, Admissions Director and Senior Instructor

Graduated from Stewart School in January 2007. Previous Experience- Transformations Salon in Iowa from January 2007-February 2008. Chameleon Hair Design from January 2008-June 2009. Katie left the salon in 2009 to pursue her love for fashion at Charlotte Russe. She managed the store from August 2009-February 2011. Katie realized she missed her true passion for the Cosmetology field and came to Stewart School joining the Guest Service Management team. She is certified in Novalash Eyelash Extensions, Airbrush Spray Tanning and Airbrush Make Up. In July 2011 Katie took on the role of Placement Advisor. She loves helping the future professionals find a employment and grow as a stylist and really focus on their career. Katie loves building a rapport with salons so that they are involved with our students training and education. She attended the Nuts and Bolts training in DC in September 2010 and became a certified Nuts and Bolts Team Leader. She loves how Nuts and Bolts training shows the students how to be financially responsible and teaches them how to set and achieve goals.

Madaline Knuston

Basics Coach and Senior Instructor

Madaline has been in Cosmetology for 32 years! After graduating cosmetology school she worked in her first salon for five years. After learning a lot in her first salon she was ready to move on and went to the top salon in her area and stayed there for nine years. She then teamed up with her business partner and opened a salon in which she had for fifteen years. Maddy joined our team after her husband’s career brought them to Sioux Falls. Teaching was always a dream of hers and she is now a Senior Instructor as well as our Basic Class Instructor. Maddy’s goal is to help future professionals follow their dream and become the best Cosmetologists that they can be.

Danica Terry

Senior Instructor

Danica graduated from Stewart School in November 2008. After graduation Danica started her career at Great Clips and then in July 2010 she joined the team at The Hairforce. She moved on to being her own boss and currently rents a station at Genesis by Don. Danica brings leadership and skill to our team at Stewart School. Danica has been an educator for Keune Haircosmetics which gave her experience in presetting and teaching. Areas that Danica excels in are, Color Theory, Styling and Product Knowledge. Danica is extremely passionate about the Cosmetology Industry because of all the great opportunities it has to offer. She loves having eh opportunity to share her knowledge and experiences with the students here at Stewart School. Danica wants to help inspire future salon professionals to reach their full potential and be the best that they can be!

Angela Taylor

School Director, Senior Instructor

Angela graduated from Cosmetology school in 1993 and worked in the salon until she became an Instructor at Stewart School in March 2001. Angela started as Instructor, moving into the role of Admissions Director in September 2002 and School Director in June 2006. Angela holds an Associates Degree in HMSV/YA and a Bachelors Degree in Business. In 2008 she became a trainer for Milady teaching their Master Educator classes. In 2009 she moved on, taking a National Trainer position with Nuts and Bolts Business Training Solutions.

Carol Hansen

Facility Director

Carol has been with Stewart School since March 2007. Carol is our Facility Director taking care of cleaning and supply needs. As well Carol handles all of our inventory ordering and organizing. She loves working with the students and being part of an amazing team of professionals that she gets to work with daily. Carol is not a stranger to the Cosmetology profession as her daughter has been in the business for 20 years.

Karma F. Crane

Esthetic Director, Senior Instructor

Previous Experience- Boardwalk hair Design in Wyoming in 1990. After 9 years, she decided to return to her hometown and opened her own salon in Parker, SD. Karma joined the Stewart School team in 2004. In 2008 she became the CLC Director and currently is the Esthetic Director. In 2010 Karma received the “Coach of the Year” award and attended the International Beauty Show in Long Beach, CA. Over the years she has attended hairshows in Illinois, Ohio, Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, and Minnesota. She loves the “hands on” training she has received from Stephen Moody of Sassoon, Jim Yates founder of Nuts and Bolts, Nick Arrojo, Patric Bradley, Sara McKenzie of Clinicalcare Solutions along with attending CEA Conventions in Las Vegas and Arizona. Karma is certified in microdermabrasion, airbrush makeup, airbrush spray tanning, as well she has been trained in Wella, Redkin, Matrix, Aquage, Mirabella, and many more professional product lines. “Every day I wake up and Stewart School is where I want to be. I am so blessed to be able to take my passion, knowledge, and experiences in this extraordinary cosmetology career and share them with outstanding students.” She feels it’s magical to be included in the journey to fulfill a student’s dream of being a cosmetologist from the first step to the finish line.

Lyndsey Braunesreither

Salon Director & Senior Instructor

Stewart School graduate of 2003

Previous Experience- Lyndsey has worked in both select and full service salons. Lyndsey has been an instructor at Stewart School for four years and loves it! “My heart is in educating future professionals!” says Braunesreither. As well as being a Senior Instructor, Lyndsey has a very important role as a Sassoon Color Educator. She is certified in the electric nail drill, airbrush makeup, airbrush spray tanning, and microdermabrasion. She has had hands on color training with a Redkin and Sassoon ABC Cutting with Stephen Moody. Lyndsey has attended many continued education classes such as Wella, Aquage, Mirabella, and Clinical Care Solutions. Lyndsey enjoys being able to relate to the students on a personal level and prepare them for the real salon world.

Sandy Pozlin

Guest Management Coordinator

Previous Experience- JC Penny Salon for six years. Great Clips for 7 years, also achieved a position as assistant manager while at Great Clips. Sandy is a Master Creative Nail Teacher and teaches Advanced Nail classes. She has attended Cosmetology Education Association conventions in Las Vegas. Every year Sandy goes to different hair shows for continuing education. Sandy is a Senior Instructor and works in the Call Center. In the call center she schedules appointments, as well as handling all the student schedules, students requests for time off, and client records. People have heard Sandy say, “This job is so great—I can’t believe they pay me for it!”

Arielle Miller

Career Coordinator and Senior Instructor