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Skincare is essential. From the youngest teenager to retiring baby-boomers, everyone wants their skin to look radiant.

Our program incorporates what you need, from assessing a client’s skincare needs to the finishing touches of their cosmetic application.

We start with the basic core life sciences, which include anatomy, physiology, skin histology and dermatology. Then move on to demonstrations and practice that will introduce you to the exciting spa world of skin care treatments, facial massages, hydration, exfoliation, microdermabrasion, galvanic, high frequency, light therapies, steam treatment, chemical peels, and body wraps.

Learn to assess and professionally care for skin in a classroom and spa setting. Eyelash extensions, airbrush make-up, bridal and theatrical make-up, body bronzing, body wraps, salt glow, microdermabrasion, facials, hair removal, skin treatments, and more!

Systematic and creative mineral make-up applications will make your client look their best. Our vibrant clinic environment allows real life experiences and hands-on practice. Your clients will feel pampered and beautiful. Your people skills and selling techniques will improve. This can all be accomplished in just 15 weeks!

• We add business and marketing classes to our program.

• You will use only professional products, and they are all are available for purchase at salon cost or less.

• We use only natural baking soda crystals in our professional microdermabrasion machine.